About us at GotSpecs™


We are the creators and producers of the only reading glasses system designed specifically for the hospitality industry.  GotSpecs™ is shipping our brand new amenity internationally, serving hotels, restaurants, airlines, golf and private clubs from here to Dubai.  For use in airport lounges, banks, law firms, insurance companies, and wherever those 35+ are!


We offer custom branded GotSpecs™ readers providing your valued guests and clients with the best in customer service, while providing you with an unmatched marketing advantage.  Your guests become brand ambassadors communicating to others that your business looks after the finer details in client satisfaction.

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From the independent chef-owned restaurant to worldwide hotel groups, GotSpecs™ is the must-have amenity if any of your guests and clients are part of the very savvy and growing 35+ demographic.  Inexpensive yet invaluable, GotSpecs™ benefits are elevated guest service and excellent marketing ROI.


GotSpecs™ is a proudly Canadian company located in Toronto and shipping worldwide.  We look forward to working with you to provide your guests and clients with this much-needed amenity and your business with a fresh new approach to brand visibility.  We work hard to ensure the highest quality product and friendly, reliable customer service.